Kickstarter project: Files That Last

After lots of planning, preparation, and nervousness, today I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the completion and publication of my e-book, Files That Last! This is a book to explain the importance of keeping digital data alive for a long time and how to do it. I’m dragging preservation out of the library niche where it’s been so long and creating an e-book for “everygeek.”

If you want to fund the project ($10 will get you a DRM-free copy when it comes out), I’ll be grateful. If you can spread the word in appropriate places, that would be even better. I’m already making good progress on it and have pledged, if the project is funded, to have it out in the spring. The Files That Last page has two banners with HTML which you can paste where you think it will do the most good.Banner: I'm a preservation geek / Support Files that Last

I’ll be looking for professional proofreading and cover design and will pay real money for it. If you can recommend someone who can do either, let me know.

Paraphrasing Abby, “You’ll have your files for all time if you read FTL!”

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