At last week’s owners’ meeting of our condo association, one of the people complained that a neighbor’s window had red holiday lights instead of the regulation white. It’s strange how people living in condominiums so often want every home to look the same and can’t stand any variation.

It’s not an issue of rights and liberties, since we’re talking about a private association, but I’d think that people would welcome a little variety from one unit to the next. The latest newsletter warns us: “The following items are prohibited — exterior Christmas trees, exterior lighting of any kind, exterior decorations of any kind except wreaths, and nothing on any exterior portion of the buildings, including shrubs, trees, light posts, lawns and decks.”

This isn’t a new phenomenon; a previous condo development that I lived in was much worse than this one. I think it deserves a name: Condomentalism.

A web search on this term turns up only misspellings of “condimentalist,” a person who uses condiments on everything, so it’s brand new.


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  1. Mark A. Mandel Says:

    Ugh. “We haven’t had an Aberration for three years.”

    For Chanukah, SON gave me two books from my wishlist. One of them was the new A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel. That’s from Ch. 6.

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