I’m still boggled at the success of the Files that Last Kickstarter campaign. Look at the screen shot below. The day before yesterday, no sane extrapolation would have predicted success. Now it’s a done thing.

The push at the end came from multiple sources, in fact multiple countries. People in Holland, England, Canada, and the US were helping to promote it. Knowing I’m leaving people out, possibly some major sources, I need to thank Tom Smith, Mark Mandel, Wayne Borean, Paul Wheatley, Ben Deschamps, Harold Stein, Elfwreck, Johan van der Knijff, and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. And everyone who contributed money or publicity. It’s just too long a list to mention everyone. The campaign amounts to 111 advance orders — 161 if you count the bulk student order which one person chose as a reward — which isn’t bad for a niche self-published e-book!

This is my personal blog post about it, so it’s not about the details and what’s going to happen next — I’ve just committed myself to a lot more work — but about the sheer amazement at the way people came through. I’ve known what the filk support network is like, but didn’t think they’d necessarily be interested in a techie book. The digital preservation community has been great, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you in person when I go to Personal Digital Archiving 2013 and the OPF Hackathon.

Never underestimate the way your people will stand behind you if you give it your best effort!


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