Fake libertarians vs. free speech

While I try not to go too heavily into politics in this blog, sometimes it’s necessary to distance myself from people whose views might be confused with mine. A while ago I wrote about Cynthia Chase, a legislative loony who wants to make the state less attractive to people who value freedom. My point was that she’s of no great consequence and may even have provided some favorable publicity for the Free State Project.

Some so-called libertarians have presented a petition calling for her impeachment.

A petition to the House was assembled and signed by 120 people, led by Darryl Perry, a Keene resident and Free State Project participant. It calls for Chase’s censure and impeachment over the comment, which the petition describes as showing “her intent to enact laws to interfere with protected rights” and “harm a specific group of people.”

The January 25 House calendar mentions only “Petition from Darryl W. Perry of Keene and 119 others seeking censure and impeachment of a member of the General Court” without including the contents of the petition.

Grounds for impeachment under the New Hampshire Constitution are “bribery, corruption, malpractice or maladministration, in office.” Perry seems to think there’s a fifth category: saying things he doesn’t like. As far as I can tell from the report, the petition doesn’t cite any actions she’s taken in office, only what she’s said in her personal communications. If this fake libertarian had his way, the opinions expressed by legislators on their own time could be grounds for removal from office if enough other legislators don’t approve of them. That would be a strange way to run a “free state.”

The Free State Project has distanced itself from this action.


2 Responses to “Fake libertarians vs. free speech”

  1. Eyal Mozes Says:

    How much is known about Perry? Without knowing anything other than what you write here, the two possibilities:

    1. He is a supporter of the Free State Project who has no understanding of what the project stands for; or

    2. He is a supporter of Chase, trying to help her by creating negative publicity for the Free State Project;

    seem equally likely. Is there any information that would help determine which is the case?

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