More dubious stuff from FairPoint Energy

In my posts of February 20, 23 and 25, I wrote of my problems with getting switched to FairPoint energy without my consent. I thought I’d had it all straightened out and was rid of them, when today I got a letter starting, “Thank you for choosing us as your energy supplier. We are proud to provide you with an electricity plan that offers significant benefits…”

The letter gave the number 866-984-2001 to call if I had any questions. That number gave me four options, none of which were really right. I picked the one about having trouble, which got me repair service. They switched me to another number, where I had to talk to an idiot who asked if I wanted to add FairPoint service when I just said I wanted to get rid of it. The third person I talked to was helpful, though, and processed cancellation of my account. However, there should have been no account to cancel.

The act of involuntarily switching people to another service provider is called “slamming,” and it looks from here as if that’s what FairPoint is doing. If not, it’s serious incompetence. The last person I talked to sounded as if she’d been getting a lot of these calls.

I think it’s time for me to contact the Public Utilities Commission. I just hope this doesn’t result in my power or Internet service (where I’m stuck with FairPoint) suddenly being termina

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  1. Sharon Bray Says:

    I am furious about Fairpoint’s false advertising for 100% wind at a cost savings. Turns out none ZERO of that energy is wind generated. How can they lie like that?

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