FairPoint Energy overbills customers it illegitimately acquires

I’ve posted a couple of times about the practices of FairPoint Energy, which snagged me as an unwilling customer without my consent. Today I received a notice that it also overbilled me. The notice doesn’t say for how much.

There is no acknowledgement that I have instructed Fairpoint to terminate my service, and my last electric bill still shows them as collecting it. Since Fairpoint was never legally entitled to bill me, anything it charged me is really overbilling. But this just helps to show that FairPoint is a complete sleaze.

Update: On its homepage, FairPoint Energy says that it is “is unaffiliated with FairPoint Communications or its subsidiaries,” though it has a “marketing relationship” with FairPoint Communications. So why did they give me the phone number of FairPoint Communications in their previous communication?

Further thought: I don’t know the details of how these alternative power companies work in New Hampshire, but it smells like the kind of false deregulation that bombed in California years ago. Evidently they get to use PSNH as a billing agency, allowing dubious startups to get into the business without having to engage in normal business communications with their “customers.”

Update, June 7: I’ve re-titled this post to make it clearer that it’s about FairPoint Energy and not FairPoint Communications.

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