Americans for Prosperity’s “confidential” junk mail

Today I received a mailing from Americans for Prosperity; like a lot of junk mail, it gave only a street return address on the outside, not saying who sent it. Unlike most junk mail, it’s full of demands that I not tell anyone about it. A cover letter says in boldface, “This Prospectus is strictly confidential.” A booklet says:

CONFIDENTIAL: The enclosed is privileged information prepared for your sole use. It contains strategy initiatives, past performance, budget allocations, target markets and it is to be regarded as forward-looking. Please do not disclose, discuss, or disseminate the contents herewith.

There’s nothing all that exciting inside. It lists members of Congress they want to put pressure on. (From my own state, these include Carol Shea-Porter and Jean Shaheen.) States it will target include Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina. The budget allocations apparently didn’t make it into the booklet.

I agree with some of what they say, but when an organization takes that sort of demanding tone in their junk mail, they won’t get any support from me. AFP, your “secrets” are now on the Internet. Don’t try to sue me; you sent me unsolicited mail, and I can do what I want with it.

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