One more Concord Bearcat note

An article in the Concord, NH Patch indicates that the Concord school district may be interested in a Lenco Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck (Bearcat). Police Chief John Duval, who has previously cited the Occupiers and Free Staters as “terrorist” threats requiring the availability of an armored vehicle, claims that “The recent incident at the school in (Decatur, Georgia) is further evidence for the need of this rescue vehicle.”

The invasion of a Georgia school by a gunman was resolved by peacefully talking him down. Duval seems to think this was the wrong thing to do, that the correct response was something involving an armored vehicle. It’s bad enough that he regards non-mainstream groups as terrorists, but subjecting school kids to his overkill mentality is really scary.

See my earlier posts tagged “Bearcat” for background and more links.

Update: The Concord City Council will vote on September 9 on getting an attack truck.

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