A time to laugh

The news from Washington is rarely good, so let’s enjoy it when it is. Obama tried to personally launch a war against Syria, but public and Congressional opinion was so strongly against him that he had to back away. He’s still making threatening noises, but I doubt that they’ll amount to anything at this point. For the first time I can remember, top leaders in the US government tried to start a war, only to be answered with a resounding no.

I don’t understand all the reasons it happened. Hypocritical political game-playing in Congress certainly played a big part. So did widespread disgust at the Obama-approved massive spying on Americans. For those who paid attention, the fact that Al Qaeda is more on the rebels’ side than Assad’s made them wonder. The ineptitude of the administration’s case was a factor; Kerry’s claim that the attack would be “unbelievably small,” not rising to the level of an act of war, provoked gales of laughter.

The issue didn’t follow party lines. It was Obama, the top leadership of both parties in Congress, and the major news media against almost everybody else.

We’re already seeing attempts to spin Obama’s defeat into a brilliant diplomatic maneuver, threatening war in order to make Assad agree to a diplomatic solution. This ignores the fact that Obama clearly wasn’t going to get his authorization of war (though he claimed and still claims authority to attack Syria on his own) or international approval. Today I saw a truly idiotic tweet claiming that Obama “averted war.” We’ll probably soon be hearing that his September 10 speech was begging Congress not to go to war, just as (according to Biden) FDR got on national TV in 1929 to talk about the depression. (Update: I forgot to mention that we’ll continue to hear that it’s racist to oppose bombing Arabs. I got that bit of mud tossed at me on Twitter this morning.)

For the moment, we can just laugh. If you did anything at all to oppose O’Bomber’s scheme, you’re entitled to join in the laughter. If you kept quiet or you’re promoting the whitewash to insure your Obamagoodies keep coming, you get to join too — on the receiving side. There’s always boom tomorrow, but let’s laugh while we can.

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