Idea for a convention harassment policy

Harassment policies at SF and filk conventions should be simple rather than complicated, should address harassment rather than hurt feelings, and should be clear without forcing the con committee into an untenable position.

Something like this: “If people clearly indicate they want to be left alone, leave them alone. Repeated or flagrant violations may be answered by banning offenders from some areas or functions, or revoking membership without a refund. Threatening or illegal actions may be reported to the hotel or to law enforcement.”

There’s a lot of subtlety in getting the right wording, but I think this covers something close to the right ground. It won’t satisfy the people who never want to hear anything that makes them uncomfortable; I don’t intend it to.


3 Responses to “Idea for a convention harassment policy”

  1. Barry Gold Says:

    Looks good to me! In fact, I may propose it to the LASFS Board, which has a policy which amounts to the same thing, but in many more words.

  2. Gary McGath Says:

    There’s been some discussion of this post on Google+. Based on that, here are a couple of additional lines I might want to include:

    “If your actions step over generally accepted personal boundaries, you need to have clear consent first. Reduced capacity does not constitute consent.”

  3. Gary McGath Says:

    One more update: Boskone’s code of conduct is a good example to follow.

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