Breaking the reflex of subservience

Though I had a good time at Boskone, I came out of it feeling very lonely. At SF conventions lately, I find there’s a tacit understanding which is alien to me: that our governmental authorities are good, that we’d be so much better if they were given more power, that sure, they make an occasional mistake, but doesn’t everybody? It’s hard to feel at home among such people. But it’s not just fandom, it’s the whole of American society.

A lot of people in fandom were vocal critics of the federal government before 2009. Their sudden silence about war, torture, and power-grabbing presidents after that made it clear that it was all just noises they made to get their guy elected. This is worse than if they’d never made any complaints at all. I don’t like phonies.

At the snack bar of my local supermarket today, I saw a display on the TV screen with the words “Hail to the Chiefs” and a composite picture of the US presidents. Since when to we “hail” them, as if we were in Germany in 1939? Wouldn’t “To hell with the chiefs” be a more traditionally American response?

The New Hampshire Liberty Forum looks more promising, when it comes to finding people who still have some sense of independence.

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