Open Borders Day

Today, I’ve learned, is Open Borders Day. No government official has proclaimed it; people are simply choosing to observe it, without needing an authority to tell us to.

People who can’t stand the thought of letting others compete with them for jobs have helped to create a situation in which the southwest border country of the US is a police state, with the armed thugs of the Border Patrol committing atrocities and then billing the victims. People traveling on Interstate highways are routinely stopped and questioned on whether they have government permission to be there. Politicians are quietly working to expand E-Verify, a national database holding information on whether people are permitted to work for a living. Hazelton, Pennsylvania, attempted to impose an ordinance that would require people to prove they’re allowed to live under a roof.

The Statue of Liberty once stood as a symbol of welcome to immigrants. I hope that someday it will be again.

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