The RCHA stock scam

If you buy RCHA stock based on a spammer’s tip, you’re an idiot. I have no sympathy for you, but you’re helping to keep the spammers going, flooding my mailbox with their insults to human intelligence. So stop. Just run your money through a shredder; it has the same effect and causes less annoyance.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably not an idiot, so move on. This is mostly to get one more entry for the search engines to find on the scam.

This spammer has flooded people’s mailboxes before with bogus claims about stocks. This time it’s pushing Rich Pharmaceuticals (RCHA). It’s claiming that the stocks which it pushed in previous spam did extremely well — a huge lie. It seems to expect that if people just see enough spam messages, the spammer must really know that the stock is going to rise. In fact, the crook is trying to unload stock, and it will collapse afterward. It hasn’t even risen recently, contrary to the spammer’s lie. There aren’t many suckers left who haven’t already gone broke.

Market Watch quotes RCHA’s management: “As of December 31, 2013 and the date of this report, we have insufficient cash to operate our business at the current level for the next twelve months and insufficient cash to achieve our business goals. … We have negative working capital and have not yet received revenues from sales of products or services.”

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