Rogue Weare, NH police lose in court

I have more posts lined up on my trip to Europe, but this morning I just want to add to the well-deserved adverse Internet publicity that the Weare, NH, police department is getting. The story is on the Reason website. Here’s the court decision, naming the guilty parties on the police force.

Carla Gericke, currently president of the Free State Project, was subjected to a bogus charge of “wiretapping” by the Weare cops for attempting to make a video of their official activity in a public place. The court has ruled that they engaged in retaliatory prosecution for activity protected by the First Amendment. There’s no mention of an award in this ruling, but it sets the stage for the Weare taxpayers to have to pay out for the rogue actions of their cops. Hopefully this will motivate them to get rid of the cops responsible, and will serve notice to police elsewhere in New Hampshire that they can’t hide their misdeeds with fabricated charges against the people who record them.

The Free Keene group says that this isn’t the only time Weare police brought fabricated charges against people recording them. (The link to an old Union Leader article is broken.)

Good cops like having their actions recorded; it protects them against bogus accusations. Bad cops don’t like being caught.

Update:Doing a bit more research, I found the Weare police killed an unarmed man in 2013. I’m staying the hell away from that town.

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