A complaint to St. Mary’s Bank

I’m sending the following letter to Ronald H. Covey, the president of St. Mary’s Bank. St. Mary’s is actually a member-owned credit union, the oldest in the United States. If this were a large-readership blog, I’d urge everyone to write to them; but my readership is small, and the number of readers in Nashua can probably be counted in the fingers of an amputee’s hand.

Today, after getting to the head of the line to use the ATM in the Nashua branch of St. Mary’s, I saw a notice that it will be shut down next week because of alleged low use. I am extremely unhappy about that.

The ATM in the Spring Street branch is the only St. Mary’s ATM in Nashua. That leaves all the members in Nashua having to go to Hudson, Milford, or somewhere else. This is a serious disservice to all of us in New Hampshire’s second largest city.

Usage was low? That’s understandable. It’s inside the main customer space, which means it’s only usable when the branch is open. This is substandard; I can’t think of any other ATM that has that restriction. Yet we’re supposed to take the blame for not using it enough. Why not put it in a 24-hour location, like almost every other ATM?

You tell us we can just go looking for a SUM machine if we want to avoid charges every time we need our money. Do you ever use ATMs? Are you aware that the SUM-participating ones been disappearing at a rapid rate? Most of the online guides I find are useless because half or more of the machines they list are no longer SUM, if they’re still there at all. SUM-ATM.com lists five locations in Nashua, one of which is the St. Mary’s branch. I hope some of the others are still valid.

Since I could only use the ATM when the branch is open, it’s true that I can just wait in line for a teller. This will take longer, and the burden on the employees will just get worse because they’ll have to serve people who just want to cash a check.

I’ve been a member of St. Mary’s for many years. I stuck with it when the alternative was banks being acquired and changing their names every few months. But if the management of St. Mary’s just has contempt for their own employers (i.e., us, the members), I may have to change.

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