How the Globe rewrites the news

A few minutes ago, I saw an article on the Boston Globe’s site which began:

Arthur T. Demoulas’s offer to buy the Market Basket grocery chain is the only bid left on the table, and both sides of the family are furiously negotiating to complete a sale and end the daily losses crippling the company, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Market Basket controversy is one I’ve been following closely for personal reasons, and I tweeted a link to this story. Then I clicked the link in the tweet for verification, and discovered the story now began:

Negotiations to buy the Market Basket grocery chain continued Tuesday and the company’s board of directors said offers from several potential buyers were under consideration by stockholders.

Former president Arthur T. Demoulas made an offer last week to buy the 50.5 percent ownership stake owned by cousin Arthur S. Demoulas and his side of the bitterly divided family. But the board said other potential suitors had expressed an interest in the company.

This is an annoying habit of the Globe’s website; they completely change their stories in place. The revised article does mention that “earlier Tuesday, the Globe had reported that the board was negotiating exclusively with Arthur T. Demoulas”; but it doesn’t mention that it did so in the same article, which got overwritten. This can be frustrating to people who link to a story as I did, only to discover later that the story doesn’t remotely match what they thought it said, and can even make them look silly or dishonest.

Here are screen shots of the two versions of the story:

Screenshot of old Globe article
Rewritten version of Boston Globe story
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