“Confidential” junk mail, again

A bit over a year ago, Americans for Prosperity sent me some junk mail marked “confidential,” and I blogged about it. Apparently this wasn’t enough to lose their trust; they’ve just sent me another mailing with the same demand, word for word:

CONFIDENTIAL: The enclosed is privileged information prepared for your sole use. It contains strategy initiatives, past performance, budget allocations, target markets and it is to be regarded as forward-looking. Please do not disclose, discuss, or disseminate the contents herewith.

At this point I have to think they’re using reverse psychology, making an absurd demand in their junk mail just so people will get angry and publicize the contents. It seems like a pretty desperate strategy. The good news for me is that of the “model states” and “pathway states” which they list, the nearest one is Michigan, so they might otherwise leave me alone.

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