Mideast war, again

I don’t directly address political topics very often here, and taking this position may cost me some support in my crowdfunding campaign; but this isn’t a time to be silent. Once again, we have a US president grabbing Congress’s warmaking power for himself, promising to annihilate an enemy, stirring up fear. The result isn’t going to be different this time.

It’s hard to decide which part of his approach is most contemptible. Maybe it’s scheduling his announcement so it would be discussed on September 11, when any objection to all-out war is deemed unpatriotic. Maybe it’s his grabbing the war-making power for himself, spitting on the Constitution’s clause which reserves that power to Congress. Maybe it’s his rewriting reality to say that the Islamic State is not Islamic. Maybe it’s his disregarding international law in declaring Syria is his to attack. Maybe it’s that he doesn’t want Americans to notice that he’s become indistinguishable from Bush.

It was just a year ago that Americans of diverse political views united to stop Obama’s last attempt to launch a bombing campaign against Syria. I wrote that for once, we could laugh. I’m not laughing now. Whatever came together that time (and I still don’t fully understand it), it looks unlikely to happen again. Update: I just realized that when he called for bombing Syria last year, is was on September 10. Playing the 9/11 card twice in two years gets a bit obvious.

Perpetual war to feed perpetual growth in centralized governmental power. I can’t even think of a moderately encouraging statement to wrap this up with.

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