Tomorrow’s Songs Today: Progress report

Yesterday I had another Skype conversation with Lee and Barry Gold, resulting in more information on the history of filk zines and a great story on how Bob Kanefsky found his way into filk (which I’m currently asking Bob to confirm or expand on). The word count is past 30,000. I’m still trying to expand on my meager supply of information on filk in countries that don’t have their own filk cons (such as Israel, Australia, and New Zealand). If you have any leads, let me know.

After reaching the 50% mark, progress has slowed down. This is normal in a crowdfunding campaign, and it’s still ahead of schedule viewed linearly. To keep the momentum going, I need more people to notice. If you can post a link where even a few more people will see it, that can help; you never know when someone will pick up that link and spread it further. I’m confident of success, but at the same time I’m the kind of person who gets nervous at any setback.

If you’ve decided you want to contribute but haven’t yet, please don’t wait till the last day. Again, it’s hard on my nerves, and contributions encourage more contributions.

Here’s the link again. Or if you want an easy-to-remember redirection URL:

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