I’m calling this past weekend FilkHistoricon. On Saturday I went to Cambridge for the MASSFILC annual meeting. Somehow I’ve developed a tendency to deliver oral footnotes after people sing old songs. I interviewed Beth Runnerwolf and got some nice background on the Conflikt filk convention.

On Sunday I went to a housefilk in Queens. Most of the core New York filk crowd was there. Harold Stein gave me a thumb drive with lots of scanned zines. They’ll be a huge help in my research. I had lunch with Aya Hayashi, who’s doing her graduate thesis on filk and other fannish music, and we had lots to talk about. Our projects complement each other. She’s writing for an academic audience and I’m writing for fans. She’s covering all forms of fan music, including wizard rock and types I hadn’t even heard of, while I’m focusing on filk in its traditional sense.

The trip got me another $100 toward the goal, and right now I’m feeling almost overwhelmed with all the new material I have to work with.

We’re down to a week and a half. Thank you all for your support, and please don’t forget to look for opportunities to spread the word. Progress is good, but there’s still a way to go, and I’d really like to hit the $3,500 stretch goal and get the full editing support.

Here’s the link for Tomorrow’s Songs Today as usual.

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