Tomorrow’s Songs Today: The final 7 days

The IndieGoGo campaign to fund Tomorrow’s Songs Today is coming down to its last seven days. If you’re planning to support it but have been procrastinating, time is running out. If you’ve already made a contribution, thank you, and this would be a good time to remind people of the campaign so it can meet its goal and be as good a book as it should be.

The book will happen no matter what. I’ve committed to that. But with a thousand dollars to go, it’s necessary to talk about “shrink” goals as well as “stretch” ones. If the campaign doesn’t reach its goal, IndieGoGo withholds 9% instead of 4%, so it’s a loss to all of us. In the worst case, if no more money comes in, the book will have no paid assistance. This means I’ll be relying on volunteer proofreaders, and the cover art will be whatever I can come up with by myself or with free help. I can’t draw, so this might mean just a colorful version of the title.

If the campaign hits $2,000 but less than $2,500, I’ll pay Terri Wells for copy editing but have to give up paying Matt Leger for cover art.

The perks will still happen. The tote bags won’t look as impressive if the goal isn’t reached, but you’ll get them. No one’s opted for the wall clock; people like the hard copy book better. Today I’m planning to ask a local printer about options, and I’ll post shortly about what I expect the paper book to be like.

Really, though, it’s not that far to make it happen right. Small and large contributions are both good. Even if it’s just worth $5 to you to see the history of filk made available as a free e-book, that $5 will help.

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