Tomorrow’s Songs Today: New stretch goals

The campaign for Tomorrow’s Songs Today is within a hair’s breadth of its goal, but the stretch goal of $3500 for full editing is a big reach, so I’ve added some intermediate stretch goals to fill the gap.

As long as the campaign reaches its basic goal, I’ll donate one signed and numbered print copy to Interfilk. At $2600, I’ll donate a copy to the Cushing Library at Texas A&M, which has an active filk collection. At $2700, I’ll make it two copies to Interfilk, and at $3000, three copies (plus the copy to Cushing in both cases). More than that would flood the auction market. All signed and numbered books, including perks, will be in “perfect” (paperback) binding with a color cover. Update: Sorry, but the quote for perfect binding was much higher than I expected. Watch for an update soon; at this point spiral binding is the most likely.

As always, thank you all, and keep spreading the word. There’s still a chance of piling more work on Terri!

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