I’ve just come back from the Ohio Valley Filk Festival, where I conducted fifteen interviews for Tomorrow’s Songs Today. They included people from the US, Canada, and Germany, who’ve had a significant role in the history of filk. I’ve now got more information, more perspectives, and more good quotes to include in the book.

Matt Leger has sent me a draft and a revision of the cover art. I really like it, and so did all the people I showed it to at OVFF. The final illustration will go on the tote bags and hard copy books, as well as the e-book. I’ll be making some extras of each available for sale as well as delivering the promised perks.

Terri Wells has started going over my drafts and delivering some very useful recommendations.

The project’s turning out to be a bit more work than I thought, just because people have been so enthusiastic about providing information, but it will be a better book for that. The book should be out before the end of January, which will let me deliver the perks on time.

Sadly, with all the interviewing, I didn’t sing even one song at OVFF, but I had a lot of fun. Your support on IndieGoGo helped make the 1500 miles of driving possible.

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  1. Merav Hoffman Says:

    You did play some part of your Metropolis score music, where I could hear it! That was great, and I would like to hear more of it at some point. I hear you on being too busy at OVFF though. Zoom!

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