Crowd stops police aggression

Here’s one of the most encouraging news stories of 2014, just before the deadline. Two cops approached a house in Delray Beach, Florida, intent on arresting some people for allegedly smoking marijuana. A visiting New York City resident reported that “people formed a semi-circle around police questioning them as to why they were there. When police started yelling at them, he said, the people became more agitated and began shuffling around.”

Police Sergeant Nicole Guerriero (whose name appropriately means “warrior”) said “were afraid of what could happen in the situation and called for backup.” Oh, really? They were the aggressors. All they had to do was leave. In the end, they did, though we don’t know what kind of retaliation they’ll engage in now.

The people who obstruct shoppers and commuters when protesting police abuse could learn a lesson from this group, which had the courage to stand up to the police instead of taking it out on somebody safe.

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