Print order placed for Tomorrow’s Songs Today

I’ve placed an order to print 40 copies of Tomorrow’s Songs Today. This is a signed and numbered edition. Nineteen of these will go to crowdfunding supporters, three to Interfilk for auctioning, one to the Texas A&M Library, and a few others to specific people. Of course I’ll hang on to two or three for myself. This will leave ten or so to sell, mostly in person at cons. I figure on charging $25 a copy for a wirebound book with a card stock color cover. The rather high per-copy printing cost will preclude selling it at a reasonable price through dealers, so you’ll have to get in touch with me in person if you’re interested. I’ll be at Boskone and expect to have books and tote bags there. Look for me in the filk room.

One Response to “Print order placed for Tomorrow’s Songs Today”

  1. Richard Kabakjian Says:

    A random thought for your consideration: get in touch with Dave Hayman to discuss the possibility of purchase/contribution/awarding of 3 copies to FilkOntario, to be awarded to each of the three inductees at this year’s Filk Hall of Fame ceremony, if you both think it may be appropriate. (Full disclosure: while Carol Kabakjian was nominated by me this year, she was not selected by the panel.)

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