The Helva Peters CD project

An IndieGoGo campaign has started to produce a CD of Helva Peters’ recordings and help pay her medical expenses.

In the early nineties, Helva often sang at conventions in the northeast and MASSFILC gatherings. At the time she had a very impressive voice and gave a moving interpretation to her own songs as well as songs by others. She can be heard on the Wail Songs tapes Shoot the Moon, The Programmer and the Elves, and Let’s Have a Filk Sing, as well as the CD set Balticon Tapes (all out of print). Since then, various health issues, particularly Multiple Chemical Sensitivity aka Toxin-Induced Loss of Tolerance, have taken their toll on her, though she still sometimes comes to filksings.

Things have lately taken a more serious turn with her; she now has Stage IV cancer, and family sources are advancing her money for a trip to Tijuana, where she believes a treatment not available in the US will be more helpful to her. She’ll be piling up a lot of expenses and would like to be able to return at least some of that money.

At the same time, it would be a wonderful thing if more of her old recordings became better known to filkers. This project’s goal is to produce a CD from them and raise money that will help her meet her expenses. Harold Stein will produce the CD. All proceeds after costs of materials, which will be minimal, will go to Helva.

Please support the campaign and help spread the word.

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