Personal update

My software development contract with a one-man company ended abruptly about a week ago when his funding source was cut off. I wasn’t surprised; while I don’t want to go into specifics, his business plan wasn’t really workable. It was enjoyable work while it lasted, though. As the entire IT department, I maintained the servers and wrote code in Java, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Along the way I got experience with HTML Canvas and Fabric.js (and learned that there really is a practical use for getImageData) and improved my JQuery skills.

What’s next? I’m putting in more time on the SongID software for the Live Filk project, and I’m doing some writing, including an article that was just accepted by The Freeman. I’m not searching hard for paying work until ConCertino is over and I’ve shown our German guests around Boston; having the luxury of being a full-time con chair isn’t a bad thing.

True retirement would drive me crazy; I have to be doing something. I’ll be looking for contracts later on, and if you know of anything that would especially suit me right now, let me know. I’ll be doing more writing as well.

So far I still seem healthy, and I did my “still not old” 30-mile bike ride on the Nashua River Rail Trail this week.

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