Personal note

Some lunatic created an account on Twitter just to post multiple variants of the following lie:

Tweet falsely claiming I killed four children.

Tweet falsely claiming I killed four children.

For those who have trouble viewing images, it’s a tweet by “Lance Manload”, saying “In 1997 Gary Mcgath ran over and killed four children whilst high on crack cocaine. Don’t let Gary kill your kids too.” I’m not worried that anyone who knows me will believe this, but this person is clearly nuts, so I want to have the action on record. “Lance Manload” is probably an assumed name. I’ve reported it to Twitter, of course. There are no other tweets from the account.

Update: A Twitter account called “Ken Rutkowski” posted a slightly rephrased version of the libel. That is the name of an associate of Dan Schulz and Scott Wirkus, two loonies who ran a harassment campaign against me for many years. “Rutkowski” and “Manload” are probably the same nut, whoever it is, and there’s apparently some kind of connection to Schulz and Wirkus. I’ve updated my website on them, though I’d thought the issue was dead. This decades-long obsession with me is weird.

Update, June 8: I’ve been whack-a-moling their accounts with reports to Twitter; as one account gets suspended, they open another. They’ve started harassing people I follow on Twitter. I suggest not engaging them or arguing with them; you’ll just get pulled into their obsession. Just report and block them.

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