Here are pictures from my excursion to Quedlinburg, about 20 kilometers from Wernigerode. Many of them are from a guided tour through Hell that I went on (conducted in German, and I was able to follow along! Yay!!). King Heinrich I was crowned here, so Quedlinburg claims to be the first capital of Germany. Other places do too.

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King Heinrich Fountain with group of statues

King Heinrich Fountain with group of statues. The king is the one going after a bird; supposedly he was more interested in his birds than in being crowned.

People gathered for tour, with sign

People gathered for guided tour in the middle of the Altstadt. There were lots of food trucks with good stuff.

A used book store (Antiquariat) along our tour

A used book store (Antiquariat) along our tour.

Tour group with guide

This was our group. The lady with the upraised hand is Erika, our guide.

Street sign: Hölle

Welcome to Hell (Hölle). That’s the name of an ancient street in Quedlinburg.

Building dated 1564 with Drudenfuss symbols.

Many of the buildings on Hölle display repeated five-segmented Drudenfuss (witch’s foot) symbols.

Seven Houses cafe

A cafe in seven houses.

Quedlinburg Castle

Here’s Quedlinburg Castle, the final stop on our tour.

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