Will New Hampshire reject Trumpism?

There’s just one more week to endure till the New Hampshire primary is over. I’ve stopped answering my door unless I’m expecting someone. Our condo complex has a clear “No solicitors” sign, but the campaigners pay no regard to private property. The junk mail is disgusting. Yesterday I got a piece, not obviously for any particular candidate, saying Trump isn’t anti-immigrant enough. I throw them in the recycling bin outside so I don’t even have to take them into the house.

Protesters ejected from Trump Rally; NY Times photoI’ll be voting for one reason: to oppose Trumpism. Trumpism, not Trump. Reducing his delegate count would be good, but they won’t go to a much better candidate; Cruz, with his calls for making sand glow in the dark, is a worse candidate, and the other leading candidates are nearly as bad. My concern is that Trumpism is a cultural phenomenon built on hostility toward minority groups and demands for a strong leader. It isn’t what New Hampshire is supposed to be about.

New Hampshire has a well-deserved reputation as a liberal state. As a reminder, I use the word “liberal” in this blog not for the welfare statism which has appropriated the name, but for what the word previously meant: support for freedom and acceptance of people who are different. I’m perfectly safe if I say I’m an atheist; in some parts of the US I might not be, and in some other countries I’d be killed for it. Anti-minority incidents are rare. Trumpism rejects liberalism and promotes tribalism, and it’s contrary to the New Hampshire spirit, regardless of people’s politics.

Meanwhile, the Free State Project is within a handful of signatures of reaching its goal of 20,000 people pledging to move here. I suspect they’ll be sorely disappointed by how many do, but any number should help to improve the quality of the state. I think of the primary as a referendum on a hostile, tribalist way of thinking that I hope will be soundly defeated.

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