Why Bucharest’s Internet is so fast

Bernie SandersHere’s my latest article on the FEE website, on Internet in Romania.

The editor asked me to write a piece on this topic, because of Bernie Sanders’ tweet that Internet speeds in Bucharest are faster than the average speed in the US (which is true). I was flattered by the request and started researching the article right away. I joked to my friends that if you wanted to know about Internet in Romania, obviously I was the person to come to.

What I learned about the ad hoc networks in Romania’s major cities was fascinating; they have lots of competition, while we’re lucky to have a choice between the government-franchised cable company and the government-franchised phone company. The headline writer chose to play on the irony of Sanders’ endorsing a free-market solution, though I thought the solution itself was the really fascinating part. Mentioning Sanders draws more readers than mentioning Bucharest, I suppose. :)

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