Traditionalist Worker Party: The culmination of “race identity”

Poster for 'Der Fuehrer's Face“Race identity” is the idea that who you are is defined by genetics, skin color, and ethnic origin. It’s an essentially racist concept, but the people who promote it not only deny that they’re racist, they say that if you oppose them, rumors will mysteriously spread that you’re racist, so you’d better keep quiet. They put capital letters on “White” and “Black,” as if they’re names or nationalities. The Traditionalist Worker Party is a perfect example of race-identity thinking. This group got some news recently when a member was charged with assaulting protesters at a Trump rally.

The art style at the top of the page is familiar from socialist propaganda posters (including the nationalist varieties). It’s in the platform, though, that we see how they pick up the “leftist” idea of race identity and turn it into a “rightist” idea simply by applying it to whites.

The TWP emphasizes the community above all. The individual exists only as a community member.

Communities and local governments are to be empowered to express their religious traditions and celebrate their heritage in their public spaces. “Separation of Church and State” as currently practiced forces a de facto state religion of degenerate secularism on everybody. …

The definition of marriage is to be determined by clergy and local tradition. No community is to be forced to accept another community’s definition of marriage. …

We will work with community organizations, schools, homeschool collectives, and religious organizations to encourage, support, and even potentially create youth mentorship programs which instill healthy lifestyle habits, foster loyalty to and investment in one’s community…

The emphasis on the community über alles leads nicely into race-based thinking: “We reject anti-White immigration policies designed to radically alter our country’s historical racial balance.” (I wonder which historical balance they’re thinking of. Probably not the one in 1620. As for what policies they’re thinking of, I can’t even guess.) “Without exception, all identities and cultures have an inalienable right to take pride in their heritage and to preserve their communities and identities, including the White identity.”

For all this, of course, you need a police state:

All immigrants caught advocating for foreign governments will have their citizenship revoked and will be deported post haste. Private charities, civic organizations, and corporations will be monitored for foreign subversive activity and those found guilty will be vigorously prosecuted.

The TWP is explicitly anti-capitalist and pro-socialist:

The Traditionalist Worker Party aims to end a decade- long Right-Wing fascination with capitalism by supporting nationalist economics, a Third Position that is between both capitalism and communism. Most people are supportive when they are told about Third Position, but all most Americans know to choose from are neoconservatism and neoliberalism.

Third Position is perhaps best expressed as an ideology of Socialism for the Nation, anathema as it is to the #cuckservatives and their legions of bow-tied Libertarian lackeys. But it is the choice for nationalists who want to see their nation and their people happy, healthy, and in control of their destiny.

Socialism for the Nation. Or, if you prefer, National Socialism.

The TWP’s attitude on race is reminiscent of a Tumblr piece which I blogged about in 2014, in which someone had an epiphany about his race identity:

I kind of just spontaneously groaned and put my head in my hand and someone said, “Well, what was THAT reaction?” And I said, “Well, when I wake up in the morning and I look in the mirror I see a human being.” I’m kind of a generic person, y’know, I’m a middle class, white, man. I have no [visible] class, no race, no gender, I’m universally generalizable. So I like to think that that was the moment that I became a[n aware] middle class, white, man. That class and race and gender weren’t about other people but they were about me and I had to start thinking about them and it had been privilege that had kept it invisible to me for so long.

Race-identity advocates see you not as a human being but as a race specimen, and they see themselves the same way when they look in the mirror. The inevitable result is mutual hostility.

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