Which candidate would hurt me the most?

While out riding on my bike, I was thinking about which of the big four presidential candidates would personally hurt me the most. That distinction goes to Sanders. Let’s run down all the candidates.

Trump is a thug and would do the most damage to the country of any of the candidates. But as long as I avoid airplanes and international travel, the consequences to me would most likely be indirect. There would be violent crackdowns on dissent unless Congress reins him in, but I put that in the indirect category since I don’t think I’m important enough to go after soon. The indirect consequences to me would include general damage to the economy, loss of information, and an increased likelihood of terrorist attacks in response to his policies.

Cruz could potentially do the worst damage. He’s talked about “carpet bombing” and making “sand glow in the dark.” Such tactics would provoke some major terrorist attacks and perhaps a major war, and the domestic response to the would be further curtailment of our liberties. But we can hope he was lying. Congress has completely given up on restraining presidents’ military adventures, so he could do those things if he’s crazy enough.

Clinton would appoint Supreme Court judges who’d damage free speech, because of her personal resentment that she couldn’t censor the Citizens United video. She loves wars, though she’s probably not as bad as Cruz. She’s corrupt, raking in big speakers’ donations from the corporations that she says shouldn’t be able to support politicians, and she makes up her own rules, doing official email through a server in her house, but that’s not unusual. One minor concern is that a pro-Clinton PAC has compiled a list of 5,000 people who have “attacked” her on Twitter, and at one point I was fairly active on Twitter discussing her email server stunt, so I could be on her not so little list. Next week it’ll probably be 20,000 people who attacked her on Facebook, though. I don’t think mass arrests are her style.

Sanders would try to impose crippling taxes on investments, and that could do serious damage to the mutual funds I’ll need for retirement. He dislikes foreign imports (as does Trump), so his policies are likely to make things cost more. Just nominating him could cause a stock market panic.

Trump is still the worst candidate objectively, but Sanders could do the most personal damage to me.

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