Anti-free speech vandalism in Massachusetts

Trumpists and the anti-free speech left are mirror images of each other. Both hate freedom and want the other side silenced. Trumpists recently booed protesters who silently held up copies of the U.S. Constitution, who were then ejected from Trump’s rally. In Massachusetts, there have been many incidents of vandalism against pro-Trump signs.

Haverhill, a bike ride from where I live, has been a major center of vandalism. One sign provider reports having had to replace more than forty signs just in that city. In some cases, people have vandalized not just the signs but the home of the person displaying them. One of the vandals unashamedly declared she’s part of “the movement.”

Some members of “the movement” have literally acted like Nazis, drawing swastikas to intimidate the people who put up the signs. Bad as Trump is, I haven’t heard of his followers going onto private property to steal or deface Clinton signs. Update: I was wrong about that. There’s been at least one case of vandalism by Trumpists.

If I spot any vandalism in progress while on my bike rides, I’ll try to photograph it, get to safety, and post it publicly.

Update: A woman named Susan Bryant has been charged with four counts of defacing property and one of vehicular assault in Haverhill.

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