Note on Foundation for Economic Education

The website for the Foundation for Economic Education recently got a complete update. The page on article submissions shows a different structure; there used to be separate categories for Freeman articles and shorter pieces for Anything that’s Peaceful, but that’s gone.

The biggest change, though, is that there’s no longer any mention of payment. FEE has bought many articles from me over the years and even named me to its Faculty Network, but I don’t know if it’s paying any more.

For most of my history with FEE I’ve had a high acceptance rate for my submissions. They paid me more than their stated rate for my two most recent articles. Then they simply ignored three submissions of mine in a row, not responding to my follow-up query. My latest submission got a rejection from Jeffrey Tucker in twelve minutes flat after I submitted it; that would be an Olympic record if editing were a sport. (I wrote a libertarian defense of copyright, knowing that FEE holds an anti-copyright position but sometimes accepts debates among different libertarian views; Tucker decided he didn’t want a debate in this case.)

Are they still paying? I don’t know. Recently I got an email saying they aren’t, though it was from a person who seemed a little strange and didn’t seem to know they had ever paid. FEE rarely answers email. My guess is that they really have stopped paying.

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