The JFK Airport Stampede

I don’t use US airports. The recent stampede at JFK Airport adds to my reasons to stay away. The fact that it was barely news confirms them.

Apparently someone decided that the cheering and applause for an Olympic event on TV sounded like shots being fired. After that, people just started hallucinating armed attackers and spreading panic. Which people? TSA agents.

According to the New York Times:

As a human stampede tore its way through a terminal at Kennedy International Airport, a Transportation Safety Administration agent running along was heard screaming, “There’s a bomb!” Another agent yelled, “Someone’s been shot!”

Many people still think the TSA is there to protect them rather than to bully them, or at least that it isn’t going to shout lies about ongoing attacks, so they ran for safety without having any idea where to run. Meanwhile, security people kept waiting passengers in the dark, making sure no one had any reliable sources of information.

One person was hospitalized with minor injuries, and at least one other was injured. It could have been a lot worse.

This barely made the news. That’s how life is supposed to be: If you have the vaguest notion that there’s a threat, assume there is and panic. This goes by the preposterous name of “an abundance of caution.”

Daesh couldn’t be more satisfied. They don’t even have to send out a hit man any more to have Americans quaking in fear. The monsters are living on Maple Street.

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