Rand Paul’s stealth campaign for Trump

Rand Paul has sunk to rock bottom, sneakily campaigning for Trump. Someone on Google+ found this video. It’s “unlisted,” meaning that YouTube doesn’t show it in search results or suggestions. Private videos are a different category, and only people with authorized accounts can view them.

If Paul had said that Trump is less horrible than Clinton, I could live with that, but he declares:

I signed a document with my word on it, saying that I would support who won. … But I’ve often supported Republican nominees who I wasn’t particularly fond of. Never of us ever have a nominee —  in fact, you probably don’t agree with me a hundred percent on every issue. But the thing is, we support who we agree with the most and we get there.

If he had merely been stuck with a foolish promise, he could simply have said once, “I have agreed to support the nominee, so I will,” and then never said anything again. For a while it seemed as if he might have been doing that. Now, though, he’s characterizing his disagreements as minor.

The candidate whom Paul “agrees with the most” speaks approvingly of violence against his critics, intends to impose taxes unilaterally, plans to deport millions of people, and just lately has declared he will “get rid of” alleged criminals without waiting for them to commit a crime. Are these things Paul now agrees with?

For a while he thought he could benefit by appealing to his father’s fans. Now he’s showing his true colors: chameleon. It looks as if he’s hoping only Trumpists will notice; I haven’t found any publicly listed links where he admits to his new position.

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