Political violence in New Hampshire

Porcupine 'Dont tread on me' flag
This morning I came across a disturbing news article. Two people were arrested for assaulting a man in Manchester for displaying a flag with a porcupine and the words “Don’t tread on me.” The report says:

The man shot on the West Side over the weekend, apparently over a dispute about a flag bearing a porcupine symbol, is active in the Free State Project, according to movement leaders.

Jarrod Ean-Dixon, 36, was on the ground early Saturday morning when he was kicked in the head and then shot multiple times in the abdomen, according to a police affidavit filed Monday in Manchester District Court.

Two men were arrested. One of them is from Sandown, a short bike ride from where I live. Sandown is heavy Trump territory, going by the campaign signs I’ve seen. It remains to be seen, of course, whether the police arrested the right people and whether things were actually as described. The accused are entitled to a trial. However, I seriously doubt that the fact of the shooting was made up, whoever did it and why.

We’re living with an anti-freedom movement that’s stepped over the line to outright violence. Trump is its most prominent spokesman, but he didn’t create it out of nothing. Speaking out is going to take courage.

I’m going to spend some time around the polls in Kingston today with a camera. Just in case.

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