The coming raids

What will Trump do starting January 20? It’s not always easy to guess, but one thing is a near-certainty: Massive raids and deportations. He made this a centerpiece of his campaign, and a lot of his followers want to see it happen.

What can we do to prevent it? Probably not much. Bush and Obama have given him enough tools. It will happen, and all the people wearing safety pins won’t be able to stop it. People will be hauled out of their homes and offices. Families will be broken up. What’s to be done?

The most important thing: Don’t help the government in any way. If you know someone’s immigration status is questionable, don’t tell anyone except people whom you strongly trust and can offer help.

If friends of yours suddenly decide to get married and one of them is a non-citizen, don’t gossip about it on Facebook. The government reads Facebook. Just help to give them the happiest wedding possible. If it’s good enough for Donald Trump, it’s good enough for them.

Some people might want to get a license to perform marriages, just to help in such a situation. I’m not sure how much it will actually help, though. The law is messy, and it risks attracting attention.

Be cautious of people who offer fake documentation. If it helps, that’s good, but a lot of them print junk that would never pass inspection and could get fraud charges added on.

Other people will have better ideas than I do. The only advice I’m really confident about is to keep quiet about information that could hurt people.

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