My votes were concealed in Kingston, NH

On November 8, I voted for Gary Johnson and other Libertarian Party candidates. I live and voted in Kingston, NH. However, according to the town website, my votes vanished. The town clerk’s site has a link to a PDF listing vote totals. It lists no votes for any candidates outside the Democratic and Republican parties. Most of my votes were thrown out as if I had never voted. (See update at the end of this post.)

Copy of Gary McGath's ballot Nov 8 2016

I have photographic evidence of my vote, even if it’s blurry. I think you can make out the vote for Johnson and Weld.

I am damn furious, but the question is what to do now. I could file an election violation complaint myself, but it might be more effective if I work in concert with the Libertarian Party. It’s possible other towns have pulled the same stunt.

I don’t actually know whether the town submitted the same false totals to the state. It’s important to find that out.

In case the town changes the site after I post this, I’ve uploaded a copy of the vote totals as shown on November 21, 2016.

Update: I’ve learned from the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire that Kingston reported 154 votes for Johnson, 31 votes for Stein, and 1 for De La Fuente to the state. Falsely reporting the totals to the public may still violate election law, so I might still file a legal complaint. The reply I got suggested contacting the NHCLU is another option.

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