Reflections on the “resentful” stalker mindset

As some of you know, a loony has occasionally made my life “interesting” off and on through the past two decades with various harassment attempts, with a recent uptick. A number of websites describe the “resentful stalker,” and they fit this person perfectly:

Resentful stalkers intend to frighten and distress the victim. Many have paranoid personalities or delusional disorders. They may pursue a vendetta against a specific victim or feel generally aggrieved and randomly choose a victim. They often feel persecuted and may go about stalking with an attitude of righteous indignation.

Resentful stalkers who suffer from mental illness generally require court-ordered psychiatric treatment but are difficult to engage in therapy. Legal sanctions may inflame this type of stalker.

Gollum fits the picture. He resents not having the Ring, and this turns into a fixation on Frodo. Without the Ring, he’s nothing. You can almost feel sorry for him, but if you extend a hand to him, he’ll bite your finger off. Some resentful stalkers, such as John Lennon’s murderer, turn violent.

A page on how to stop resentful stalkers basically says not to react to them. They want attention of any kind, and discussion with them is useless. They believe lying gives them power, so it’s impossible to communicate with them. However, being ignored increases their resentment. There aren’t a lot of useful options.

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