Twitter’s search blocking

Twitter is getting desperate. It will do anything except talk to its users. Some time recently, it started blocking search terms. I’ve verified that they include “marijuana” and “cannabis.”
Twitter search for "marijuana" claiming no matches.

To be exact, if you do the default (“Top”) search, you get results. Those are ones which Twitter curates. If you search for “Latest,” it claims, “Nothing came up for that search, which is a little weird. Maybe check what you searched for and try again.” “Latest” includes all matches, not just ones which Twitter thinks it’s OK for you to see. This has been consistent since yesterday.

It’s hard to guess what Twitter is trying to get out of this. My guess is that some executive handed down an order to curb “extremist speech,” and somebody else decided to implement it by throwing together a list of search terms to block. Twitter rarely explains its changes to the users. The practical effect, though, is that Twitter is keeping people from learning about the ongoing movement to end prohibition and the outrages which the federal government is committing against people who are using cannabis legally. One way or another, getting better treatment from the Trump government is likely at the bottom of it.

In the meantime, I’m off Twitter at least till they stop the blocking. Update: As of March 28, those terms aren’t being blocked.

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