A creepy phone “survey”

I’ve gotten a couple of voice messages which claim to be from the Center for Disease Control. They’re very creepy, and I think they’re fake. If it’s really the CDC, that’s even creepier.

The first message wanted me to call back and give information about any children I have in a certain age range. This isn’t something I would give to any stranger on the phone. The second one lied outright, claiming to have previously spoken with an unspecified person in my household and asking me to “complete” the survey. The caller ID was 312-578-7017. The number the second voicemail wanted me to call was 877-220-4805. The first one may have given the same number, but I didn’t save the message or write down the number.

One person reporting a call from this number wrote:

i got a call tonight from 312-578-7017 caller id said national opinion. answered and they were doing a one of i think three surveys depending on the age of your children. the problem i found was they started out okay but then they went to your income, the all the dr your children had their immunizations with and their phone and addresses. they ask where you have lived during that childs life. at first they say they are just asking about what immunizations they have taken and say you din’t have to give their name then later they are asking for dr and child name etc to many personal questions that make you question them. i refused to answer a couple questions and which he had said earlier if there was a question i felt uncomfortable in answering just let him know so i did and the line went dead.

Another person on that board said they wanted the children’s Social Security numbers. No legitimate survey asks for that kind of personal information. This sounds similar in a general way to the scam callers impersonating the FBI or IRS, except that there’s no obvious payoff. That just makes it scarier, since it sounds like gathering detailed personal information rather than an attempt at a quick credit card grab.

If you get a call from these people, just hang up.

Update, May 13, 2017: According to an NBC News article, the CDC really is behind this outrage. They dial random numbers, including ones on the Do Not Call list. They make over a million unwanted calls a year. As I learned from their voice mail, they lie. Your tax dollars at work.

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