Review: Hanging by a Hair — Playing Rapunzel

It’s been a long time since I really loved a filk album. “Hanging by a Hair” broke the drought. Mich Sampson and Marilisa Valtazanou, performing as Playing Rapunzel, put the emphasis where it counts: on the songs. The topics are fascinating, the lyrics clear, and the musicianship aimed at bringing out the songs.

album cover, Hanging by a Hair“Hanging by a Hair” has a mix of popular oldies, filk oldies, and new songs. Picking a favorite is hard. I think I’d go with “Lizukha,” for its storytelling, fitting the words to the rhythm, and its frame structure. I could also mention the very distinctive setting of Jodi Krangle’s “The Lady” or the old favorite “Starship and Haiku.” “Ophelia” had me puzzled till I noticed the title; it takes an oblique approach, and I think I’ll have to listen a few times to grok it completely. Mich and Marilisa use a lot of different instruments without overwhelming the vocal lines.

According to the website, it’s available as a download or CD purchase from Bandcamp, but shipping to the US isn’t available yet. (I got the CD at the release party in Germany. I paid for it like anyone else; there aren’t many review copies in filk.)

If I have a complaint, it’s that there are only ten songs on the album. But which is better: a ten-track album with at least eight tracks I’ll want to listen to repeatedly, or a sixteen-track one with four really memorable songs?

Update: There’s a carefully concealed lyrics booklet in the package. It was over a month before I noticed it. Like many such booklets, it puts prettiness over readability, with black lyrics on a mottled blue background. I don’t know why anyone does this. Black text on white paper is not only more readable, it’s cheaper.

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