Website flippers and the freelance writer

Doing research on an assignment brought my attention to a type of business called “website flipping.” It’s something like “flipping” a house for resale. A buyer acquires a site which seems to be underperforming and improves it to increase its revenue. The goal is to sell it at a profit after it demonstrates its value.

This is a legitimate practice, and it opens opportunities for the freelancer who understands it. Content is central to increasing a site’s value. Let’s say the site is about tree farming. The flipper isn’t in the tree farming business and may not know anything about it. When you need content about tree farming, who ya gonna call? Ghostwriters!

The flipper doesn’t need expert information, just material that will draw eyeballs to the site. Cheap writers, selling their skills through content mills, provide what’s needed: stuff that hits the right keywords and makes a reasonable amount of sense. Flippers are a source of income for writers who can make up for low per-word rates by cranking out material fast. The necessary skills are researching a topic efficiently and turning the information into original words that make sense. And picking SEO keywords, of course.

Don’t expect a long-term business relationship with a flipper. Once the site is sold, it will be in someone else’s hands, and the odds are low that the new owner will be especially interested in you. People see material from the mills as a commodity.

Freelance writers can conceivably do their own website flipping and the writing for the site as well. Picking sites on topics they know something about helps, but making a site that will sell at a profit is a lot of work. It’s not something to approach casually.

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