Border Patrol targets polling place in Maine

The Border Patrol set up a “border checkpoint” at the polling place in Houlton, Maine on Election Day 2017. Agents stole an undisclosed amount of marijuana that was being legally handed out.

It’s hard to unpack all the lies in this:

“No state law can override a federal law,” Hiebert said. “That is just the way it works. Both medical and recreational marijuana are illegal at the federal level. Users of medical marijuana are not shielded from federal prosecution.”

Hiebert said that while Border Patrol agents do not typically conduct operations away from the border, they do have the authority to stop and search anyone within 25 miles of the international boundary to question the individual’s right to be in the United States. Checkpoints, where all vehicles travelling through are similarly pulled over for immigration checks, can be conducted within 100 miles of the border. In the past, for instance, Border Patrol agents have conducted checkpoints on Interstate 95 and have checked the credentials of passengers on buses in Bangor.

The federal government in fact has no Constitutional authority to outlaw use of marijuana. The Constitutional amendment outlawing alcohol was passed because Prohibition would otherwise have been unconstitutional. The Tenth Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Hiebert is fabricating a federal power where the state has sole jurisdiction.

Worse yet, the Border Patrol is using this power to intimidate people in the act of voting. The Supreme Court invented a “border zone” a hundred miles deep from the borders and coast of the United States and claimed authority for the federal government to conduct searches anywhere in that zone, which includes most of the major cities in the United States. Hiebert boasted that “We are not in Portland, Augusta or Bangor, but there is no part of the state that is not within the 100 miles external boundary to the United States, which gives us authority.” No part of the state, including voting places. This is what comes of letting the federal government decide what the limits of the Constitution are. If the report about bus searches in Bangor is accurate, he’s lying about the facts as well as the law.

I discovered this outrage only because I was searching minor news sites in the New Hampshire area for the LPSeacoast Twitter feed. The news media seem to cooperate with the Trump administration by burying any news about internal checkpoints.

The so-called Democratic “resistance” has shown no interest in stopping this outrage. The primary job of the Border Patrol is to say, “Your papers, please.” The marijuana grab was explicitly incidental to its primary function. Why aren’t Democrats, who are supposedly so concerned about burdensome ID requirements on voters, saying anything about this?

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