A new home for my writing-related posts

Starting today, my writing-related posts will appear on “The Business of Writing,” the blogging section of my business website.

It’s more convenient for people who go to my website. There’s more class in having a blog under my own domain. I could put this blog under my own domain, just as I did with Mad File Format Science, except that I use the URL for some other purposes. I discovered the hard way with MFFS that changing an existing blog’s URL on WordPress.com causes problems.

I’ll keep this blog around as a catchall for posts that don’t fit elsewhere. If you’re interested in my writing career, or if you’re looking for useful tips on writing as a business, I hope you’ll follow my writing blog.

In other news, techno-liberty.info is officially dead. The blog still exists, but it’s unreachable at present and I have no plans to revive it. It was an experiment that didn’t work. If someone else picks up the domain name, it has nothing to do with me.

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