Print order placed for Tomorrow’s Songs Today

I’ve placed an order to print 40 copies of Tomorrow’s Songs Today. This is a signed and numbered edition. Nineteen of these will go to crowdfunding supporters, three to Interfilk for auctioning, one to the Texas A&M Library, and a few others to specific people. Of course I’ll hang on to two or three for myself. This will leave ten or so to sell, mostly in person at cons. I figure on charging $25 a copy for a wirebound book with a card stock color cover. The rather high per-copy printing cost will preclude selling it at a reasonable price through dealers, so you’ll have to get in touch with me in person if you’re interested. I’ll be at Boskone and expect to have books and tote bags there. Look for me in the filk room.

Tomorrow’s Songs Today, now available!

Who first published recorded filk? (It wasn’t Leslie.)

Where did the word “filk” come from?

When and where was the first filk convention, and who organized it?

What was the original tune for “Mary O’Meara”?

How did Off Centaur Publications rise and fall?

How did the Pegasus Awards and the Filk Hall of Fame originate?

Why do you see so many dandelion symbols associated with filk?

You’ll find the answers to these and many more questions — well, at least my answers, based on a lot of research — in Tomorrow’s Songs Today: The History of Filk Music, available for immediate download as a free e-book!

It’s been a long effort, and I owe thanks to many, many people. Terri Wells’ editing and Matt Leger’s cover have made it a much better product than it would have been otherwise. Beyond that, I don’t want to fill this post with the huge list of acknowledgments, so just download the book and read them for yourself.

The limited print edition will follow. It’s mostly to provide the promised rewards for my IndieGoGo supporters, but I’ll be making some copies available for sale. It’s rather expensive to produce a small run of a book and have it look good, so I have to apologize for the rather high price I’ll need to set. There will also be a few tote bags available.

The release party will be at Boskone.

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Tote bags for Tomorrow’s Songs Today are here!

These were on my doorstep when I came back from a walk. Some of them will be going out soon as perks for people who supported my IndieGoGo campaign, a few will become gifts, I’ll keep one or two for myself, and I’ll be offering any that are left for sale at filksings or at Boskone.

Tote bag for Tomorrow's Songs Today

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Here it is! The cover for Tomorrow’s Songs Today

Here it is at last: Matt Leger’s cover for Tomorrow’s Songs Today! This art will be reproduced on the tote bags and hard copy versions that are going to the book’s IndieGoGo supporters, and there will be a few more available.

Cover for Tomorrow's Songs Today

The cover by Matt Leger for Tomorrow’s Songs Today

Excellent work, Matt!

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Rewriting filk history

Finally, after a lot of rewriting, Tomorrow’s Songs Today is looking something like a book and not just a list of events. It’s past 50,000 words, and if for some reason I had to release what exists right now, I wouldn’t be totally embarrassed. There are still facts I’m trying to pick up, typos and grammatical errors to be fixed, a narrative to make smoother, a layout to finalize, and a cover to add, but the result is in sight. I’m going back and forth with Terri so she can pounce on whatever needs to be improved and make sure that I get it right.

January delivery still looks like a reasonable hope. I’ll keep you all posted.

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I’ve just come back from the Ohio Valley Filk Festival, where I conducted fifteen interviews for Tomorrow’s Songs Today. They included people from the US, Canada, and Germany, who’ve had a significant role in the history of filk. I’ve now got more information, more perspectives, and more good quotes to include in the book.

Matt Leger has sent me a draft and a revision of the cover art. I really like it, and so did all the people I showed it to at OVFF. The final illustration will go on the tote bags and hard copy books, as well as the e-book. I’ll be making some extras of each available for sale as well as delivering the promised perks.

Terri Wells has started going over my drafts and delivering some very useful recommendations.

The project’s turning out to be a bit more work than I thought, just because people have been so enthusiastic about providing information, but it will be a better book for that. The book should be out before the end of January, which will let me deliver the perks on time.

Sadly, with all the interviewing, I didn’t sing even one song at OVFF, but I had a lot of fun. Your support on IndieGoGo helped make the 1500 miles of driving possible.

Tomorrow’s Songs Today: Change in plans and open thread

The amount that my IndieGoGo campaign for Tomorrow’s Songs Today raised fell short of the stretch goal for getting editing of content as well as copy. However, a couple of anonymous donors have just come through with additional money; this means that Terri Wells will be working with me through the whole process of developing the book, sending stuff back to me when it should be rewritten, and otherwise abusing me to make it a better book.

While we’re here, I’m declaring this post an open thread on filk history. If there’s anything you want to tell me about that you think should go into the book, let me know. If you prefer, just ask me to email you; I’ll see the address which you give WordPress, even though the public won’t.

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Update on hardcopy TST

I just got a quote on spiral binding for Tomorrow’s Songs Today. It’s still not cheap, but it’s doable. All hard-copy books for supporters and other commitments will be spiral bound, with card stock covers front and back, and the front cover in color. I expect to have some additional copies for sale afterward. This is the signed and numbered edition; it’s possible that there will be a less expensive print version, but I can’t make any promises now.

I’ll be talking with people at OVFF about filk history, to gather as much information as I can. If you’ll be there and would like to be interviewed, let me know.

If you want to support the project, you have till the end of tomorrow (midnight Pacific time). You can still get your name listed as a supporter, as well as the tote bag, the printed book, or even your own custom songbook. Same URL as usual.

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Goal reached!!!!

The goal for Tomorrow’s Songs Today has been reached!! There will be a book!!!

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Tomorrow’s Songs Today: New stretch goals

The campaign for Tomorrow’s Songs Today is within a hair’s breadth of its goal, but the stretch goal of $3500 for full editing is a big reach, so I’ve added some intermediate stretch goals to fill the gap.

As long as the campaign reaches its basic goal, I’ll donate one signed and numbered print copy to Interfilk. At $2600, I’ll donate a copy to the Cushing Library at Texas A&M, which has an active filk collection. At $2700, I’ll make it two copies to Interfilk, and at $3000, three copies (plus the copy to Cushing in both cases). More than that would flood the auction market. All signed and numbered books, including perks, will be in “perfect” (paperback) binding with a color cover. Update: Sorry, but the quote for perfect binding was much higher than I expected. Watch for an update soon; at this point spiral binding is the most likely.

As always, thank you all, and keep spreading the word. There’s still a chance of piling more work on Terri!

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