Welcome to the doctor’s. Please remove your wallet.

I’m gradually getting convinced that the entire medical business is a scam. At my last visit to the doctor, at a practice affiliated with St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, I got a flu shot and a pneumococcus shot, in addition to the normal cursory examination. Since then I’ve received a bill which informed me that those two jabs ran up a cost of $737, of which over $100 isn’t covered by insurance. Normal, honest businesses tell you before you spend sums in that range.

The description was very vague, with amounts for “professional services,” “vaccine,” and “pharmacy.” Nothing said which shot contributed to how much to the costs. I called the doctor’s office, which directed me to the central billing office, which directed me to the St. Joseph Hospital office. I called and had to leave my number because “all our agents are currently unavailable.” They didn’t call me back. I called an hour later and reached someone.
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