Police intimidation, local style

Last week I was driving home around 9:30 PM, going southbound on NH Route 125. Suddenly there were blue lights flashing behind me. I pulled over. To my relief, the vehicle behind me kept going. It no longer had the blue lights on. There was no siren. There was no emergency, just some cop having fun scaring people.

It was dark, so I don’t know whether it was Kingston police, state troopers, or even an out-of-town cop. It’s not a big deal, but every little incident like this contributes to people’s distrust of the police. I could have filed complaints with both state and local police, but what good would it have done?

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New Hampshire towns can legally misrepresent election results

As I previously reported, the website for the town of Kingston, NH falsified the town’s vote totals, concealing the existence of any votes for candidates other than Democrats and Republicans. I sent a written complaint to the Attorney General’s office over a month ago. Today I finally got a response from Assistant Attorney General Brian Buonamano. It says, in part:

While I recognize your frustration in not seeing your chosen candidates on the document displayed by the town, there is no New Hampshire law that prohibits a town from posting additional, informal, or partial reports of election results. Given that the full results were publicly reported consistent with New Hampshire law, I do not share your conclusion that the Town of Kingston has sought to deceive members of the public.

Reporting some votes and concealing others on an official website is deception by any standard I can think of. According to the Attorney General’s office, though, they can legally get away with it, as long as the correct results are reported somewhere else. From what Buonamano says, it would appear they can report just one party’s votes, or just the votes for their favorite candidates, if they feel like it.

Is it any wonder that so many people don’t trust the election process?

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My votes were concealed in Kingston, NH

On November 8, I voted for Gary Johnson and other Libertarian Party candidates. I live and voted in Kingston, NH. However, according to the town website, my votes vanished. The town clerk’s site has a link to a PDF listing vote totals. It lists no votes for any candidates outside the Democratic and Republican parties. Most of my votes were thrown out as if I had never voted. (See update at the end of this post.)
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Kingston, NH vs. newcomers

I’ve been living in Kingston, New Hampshire since summer. By moving just 25 miles eastward, I’ve encountered a significantly different political climate. The level of Trumpism around here is frightening; Trump signs outnumber signs for all other presidential candidates together by at least ten to one.


Things are difficult for newcomers in subtle ways. When I looked on the Web to find out where voting in the September primary was, I found only that it was in “Swasey Gymnasium,” with no street address. I was able to find its location with some diligent searching, but other people could have been stuck. Over the weekend, I wrote to the town clerk through the website, asking to have this fixed. So far I’ve received no response. I’ll update this if I get one.

Update (Oct. 30): It’s now on the town clerk’s page. In her email, she tried to give the impression that it had always been there (while giving me the wrong URL); since it’s part of a notice giving the date of the November election, and since it took her a week to respond, I suspect a little fixing and blustering, but at least I got the result.
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